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Spotlight Media 360 serves as your web design and SEO team of subject matter experts, writers, designers, and project managers to scale your content and build site authority.

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About Spotlight Media 360

Your website is your brands most important customer acquisition channel.

Spotlight is your marketing agency partner for bringing more customers to your website and helping you generate more sales using web design, search engine optimization, and conversion rate optimization.

Whether your a large ecom brand with a ton of existing brand awareness, or a small local company, our services can help lower your CAC and increase your CLTV.

All while avoiding the rising costs of running ads.

Our team saves you time, reduces overhead, and helps you outperform your competitors. We specialize in Home Services, but we work with many different types of local and e-commerce brands.

Since 2019 we’ve been working with amazing organisations to create meaningful results.

Spotlight Media 360 connect with ambitious brands and people.

Who We Work With

Home Services

Personal Injury Law


Healthcare Practices

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Our Work

DWY or DFY SEO Strategies

Get Valuable SEO Tools For Your Business

Our proprietary Keyword Database tool and Technical Audit will build your SEO strategy for the next one to two years.

1. Your Keyword Database

Our keyword database tool will pull thousands of relevant keywords for your industy, qualify and prioritize them based on 7 key factors, and leave us with an intentional content calendar that will drive traffic and sales.

Want to learn how to build your own keyword database for free? Watch our free training below (We even include the templates):

2. Your technical audit

We will conduct a complete crawl of your websiteand analyze every possible technical opportunity on every page of your website.

Your technical SEO audit will leave you with hundreds of actions, prioritized by level of impact, so we can focus on the most important actions that will drive results.

3. Your SEO action dashboard

We compile your keyword database and technical audit into one powerful action dashboard. This dashboard
automatically priotizes your content strategy
 and technical
strategy findings all in one place, so you know exactly what to focus on first.

Typically, we see hundreds, if not thousands, of actions that you can take to start ranking #1 in Google for your most important, revenue-driving keywords.

Spotlight Media’s audit process makes it easy for you to implement the SEO strategy on your own, or we can handle the content writing and strategy implementation from start to finish for you.

Profit-oriented marketing services

Our customized approach to every project enables us to focus on making your brand as profitable as possible.

Key elements:

  • Modernized web design that resonates with your audience.
  • Start to finish project management.
  • Personalized keyword database and SEO action dashboard.
  • Crystal-clear results reporting and ROI calculations.

Our Services

What We Do

Web Design

Creating an effective website involves more than just coding; it requires thoughtful design that prioritizes user experience and aligns with your brand. Our custom website development services include tailored website design, ensuring that your site not only functions smoothly, but also looks stunning and aligns with your unique brand identity.

Our award-winning design team creates websites that are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and fully represents your brand story. From color schemes and typography to layout and imagery, every design choice is made with your target audience in mind, aiming to captivate visitors and encourage them to engage with your content and drive them to conversion points.

Search Engine Optimization

At Spotlight Media 360, we not only build websites, we get them to perform. SEO is one of the best channels to invest in for the long-term for service-based businesses. Every day, there are people searching for your exact product or service in your exact city or market.

Our goal isn’t just to get traffic to your website.

Our goal is to bring traffic that converts. At the end of the day, dollar signs are all that matters, and that’s the bottom-line metric that matters most to us. Book a strategy call with Spotlight Leadership to see if you’re ready for SEO services.

Our Complete SEO Process

100% Results-Driven SEO. No B.S. Here's How We Do It.

Each of these steps are equally important in carrying out an effective SEO strategy. This process allows us to get consistent and repeatable results for our partners.

1. Complete SEO Audit

We kick every campaign off with a complete website audit and content gap analysis to identify untapped opportunities.

2. Keyword Database

After completing the SEO audit, we will build your keyword database to help determine what keywords drive the most leads for your business.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization

Before driving traffic, we maximize the value of your existing traffic by doing a complete CRO Analysis of your website.

4. Content Creation

We will optimize your service, product, and blog pages and consistently produce new content for your site that drives traffic every single month.

5. Authority Building

Once we have great content on your site, we can begin driving backlinks and press mentions to boost the authority of your content, driving more clicks.

6. ROI Calculations

We will calculate the ROI of your SEO campaign for you so you know you’re getting a positive return from working with Spotlight Media 360.

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Meet Jeff Ryder

marketing specialist and co-owner

Jeff Ryder is an accomplished marketing specialist and co-owner of Spotlight Media 360. Drawing upon his expertise in marketing and social media strategy, Jeff has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing how emerging businesses establish meaningful connections with their target audiences in the digital era.

Through his innovative strategies in website design, Search Engine Optimization and content creation, Jeff has consistently driven brands to achieve success, placing a strong emphasis on data-driven methodologies and creating immersive content experiences. Jeff’s visionary direction has strategically positioned Spotlight Media 360 as a dominant force within the ever-evolving media landscape, aiding business owners in effectively navigating the realm of online marketing, advertising and engagement.

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SEO Consultant and Co-Owner

Austin Ryder is an SEO Consultant and the co-owner of Spotlight Media 360.  He managed SEO campaigns for over 100 different companies, include large brands like Dell, Adobe, and FTX. At Spotlight, Austin oversees all SEO campaigns to ensure timely results, and works very closely with clients to understand their brand and needs.

Austin has created a number of unique, highly-effective SEO systems that allows Spotlight to get consistent, repeatable results for their SEO clients. He is an SEO thought-leader on LinkedIn and is fully transparent about his strategies, successes, and failures along his journey in Digital Marketing.

austin ryder


What clients write about us

DonnaMarie Mazzola
DonnaMarie Mazzola

Strategic Marketing Leadership at VSE

“Their client relationship managers are super responsive, and their turnaround times are great! The Spotlight team has been great to work with. Their design work and copywriting have helped boost our content marketing strategy.”

Kevin Doory
Kevin Doory

Director of SEO at Auto Revo

“Spotlight is able to provide unique and fresh content to our ever-growing customer base. We know that when we need an influx of content to keep our clients ahead of the game, Spotlight can handle these requests with ease.”

Joe Sinkwitz
Joe Sinkwitz

CEO and Founder at Intellifluence

“Working with Spotlight has been great and I would recommend them to anyone! Their team is involved in our entire content marketing process from helping to determine which blog topics to write, writing them, and ensuring they get seen by our desired audience.”

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